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Mini Sausage Bun Incident


Four Leaves thank you for your patience in giving us time to complete our investigations concerning the incident at Hougang Mall Outlet. We treated this incident very seriously as we take great pride in ensuring the highest standards in the quality and hygiene of our products. To that end, our internal investigation team had worked closely with the government authority (NEA), our suppliers and also pest control experts to ascertain the cause of the incident.


  • At around 8.30 am on 16 April 2017, the freshly baked mini sausage buns were taken out of the oven. The buns had been baked at 220°C for about 12 minutes. The internal temperature of the sausage reached temperatures of about 70°C to 75°C.
  • According to customer, the mini sausage buns were purchased on 16 April 2017 before 11am. On the evening of 17 April 2017, “worms” were discovered crawling out of the sausage upon consumption.
  • On 18 April 2017, NEA inspected the Hougang Mall Outlet and did not discover any hygiene lapses in the production process of the mini sausage buns.  We understand that NEA concluded that the Hougang Mall Outlet was clean, well-maintained and no evidence of pests.
  • In the evening of 18 April 2017, we collected the affected product from the customer.
  • The next morning on 19 April 2017, we sent the affected product to the pest control’s entomologist for examination. The entomologist identified the “worms” to be the larvae of Blow Fly. We understand from the pest control consultant that Blow Flies are commonly found in Singapore, and are particularly attracted to meat items which are high in protein. Under optimal conditions, the eggs of the Blow Fly can hatch within 24 hours. If there were any eggs of the Blow Fly before baking, the high baking temperature would have killed them.


With the available information gathered, we conclude that no contamination could have occurred during the production process. It may have been possible for a Blow Fly to come into contact with the affected bun at some point in time on 16 April 2017 after the mini sausage buns were removed from the oven at 8.30am. Despite thorough investigations, unfortunately, we are unable to reach a firm conclusion as to whether any contamination occurred within the Hougang Mall Outlet or thereafter.

We deeply regret this unpleasant incident and the alarm that it has caused to the public. We will continue to put in our best efforts to ensure that the highest quality and hygiene standards are maintained in all our Four Leaves outlets in Singapore. We thank everyone for their continued support and understanding.







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